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 Welcome to our blogs on TransplantFriends.com

What is a Blog? A blog is a collection of personal points of view. You can choose to write about yourself, your interests, what you like to do as well as sharing words of wisdom, sort of like an online diary.  A blog is  creative work, many people share photos and videos too. There are millions of blogs onliine. Some people will say, "visit my blog" instead of "visit my website". 

If you already have an existing blog outside of this website, feel free to copy some of your your own content onto a blog here by sharing your content with us. The more the merrier!

You are Invited to Publish your Blog with Us.


To publish a blog, look for add blog post button located right side of blog page.



Type in the title and blog message to the entry Box. Click  Publish at the bottom of the message text box. That is it!  If you want you can add tags (keywords for search engines). All words need to be separated by commas.

After you have published a few blogs posts you can view them on your My Place page.

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Thank you