Thank You Mentors

Thank You Mentors

Hostess Risé- I have been a mentor to many transplantbuddies-friends for the past 13 years.

I was blessed to receive a Double lung transplant due to Cystic Fibrosis in 1996 and another set of lungs in 2005. I enjoy helping others with the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my transplant life.

I love to exercise and cook healthy foods.


Rita -Has been a devoted member of since 2003.

"I love both buddies and friends sites, I believe life is a circle of giving and that is what these site offer. We are blessed in so many ways in our lives and getting a transplant is truly a gift of love and kindness." She was on dialysis for almost four years before she received her kidney transplant in 1995. Thank you Rita for all you do for us.  She also is a talented photographer and took the beautiful sail boat photo.


Don- Has been a member of TransplantBuddies since 2008. He is known

for sharing beautiful quotes and wishing others a very Happy Birthday /Anniversary daily.

He is a cherished friend. He also has a blog on Transplant Buddies where he shares beautiful photos of his grandchildren who are just darling. Don loves to travel and spend time with his family. He has a very special blog that you all need to visit. 2nd Heartbeat -you will see and feel his beautiful spirit lift you right up with his inspiring words and photos.


Gregg aka Cisco- Cisco has been a devoted member of transplantbuddies. I remember he and his wife Diane commited to be forum leaders in 2007 and have done an outstanding job helping our community to grow. Please check out Cisco's fitness blog when you have the chance and you will see what I mean when I mention the word Committed. He loves spending time with his grandnieces and grandnephews. Regarding Cisco's hobbies, he likes to cook healthy meals and works out daily. He likes to listen to music (all kinds), collect coins and go fishing. For many years, he worked with the devlopmentally disabled because it provided a challenge for him. I am very grateful for all of his support that he provides to our forum and chat room.


Jay Lackritz- Is in his early 60's and live in the NY Metro area. Jay joined Transplant Buddies when he became listed back in 2006 which was five months before his transplant. He feels very fortunate to have received his double lung transplant in 2007 since many of his family died around his age when lung transplants were not possible. Jay shares knowledge with our members on Medicare and health insurance issues, and from his previous career, he is relatively proficient with computers, the internet and was an Engineer by trade. He toured playing drums in Jazz and blue bands and also is a big fan of foreign films (Bergman and Fellini). Feel free to visit Jay at his website


David has been a member of Transplant Friends since 2010, He's from the central NY area and was one of the frist few in his area with the Heart mate II { LVAD } heart pump device, which he had for 15 months prior to tx . He's an advid hunter/fisherman loves the outdoors , and is also a music fan, rock mostly but is a big fan of the 80's, loves to cook and exercises daily.


My name is Andy- I live in Halesowen England, On the 5th of October 98', I had a heart transplant after suffering from the disease Dialated Idopathic Cardiomyopathy which causes the heart to become enlarged.

You can read about my transplant on my website


Andy has been a dedicated chat member since day one and many of our members greatly appreciate his efforts around here.




Mr. T Here are a few words from Mr. T our newest member
"I am 63 years young, married for 36 years. I have two adult children and 3 grand children. I worked for Volkswagen Group of America for 28 years. I was in the Transportation field for 40 years, moving parts around the world and within North America. A great field to work in. Currently retired.

My living Kidney donor is a supper young man of 34 years. This was his first surgery. He is so humble, I cannot thank him enough. We flew him and his wife in from Phoenix. My daughter is an RN and was a great help."


Bobbiejo Due to digestive dysfunction and deterioration that worsened over the years, I ended up needing a six organ transplant (My Story) in which I received a new liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach, small and large intestines. Since my transplant surgery which just happened to occur on 25th birthday (God seeming to say to me that it was His birthday gift to me) in October of 2005 in Miami, FL, I have felt reborn. Although I have been too underweight and weak to return to college or go get a job, I still fill my days with learning new languages and revisiting old ones as I love words in general, studying medical textbooks, and working to gain the strength and intake and retention of calories needed to return to playing the violin. I have a new found hope which I want to share with others, and I desire to work toward helping others as much as I can because I have been so blessed and uplifted by others.


Linda MI have been interested in drawing, painting, and charcoal mediums for many years, but have just recently, in the past 3 years, really begun to create in earnest. My art is created in dreams before it is attempted on canvas or paper and inspired by some cultural beliefs depicted in some of the artwork in Native American form. These represent spiritual and totem stories based on many tribes. Some in respect of my own heritage in the Cherokee Nation influence. I am also fascinated with Fairies, Nature, and Animals. My final love is Angels, not so much in the spiritual sense,but the love of the beauty of wings and movement in heavenly form. I have done many personal portraits of both loved family pets, and people. If interested, feel free to contact me at

I am a vocalist, songwriter who has toured several times with rock groups in the 70's and 80's. I have also toured with an african band called African Rain, for 4 years working with grand master drummer Babatunde Oletunji where I learned to play the djembe drum. I now currently am singing with a local band, Jack Knauer and friends and work with other vocalist in studio recordings and teaching when able. My band can be heard at and also on Youtube.
Linda M


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