finally made it back to the gym!

I have not posted a photo of myself, but this is me center.  This was taken a little over 3 months post transplant at the gym.  Very hard to workout now as I get tired so easily and have lost so much muscle.  I am not close to 8 months post transplant and have gained a lot of weight but am building endurance.  Hoping to get back at it and one day be able exercise like I used to.  I decided that i would be brave and post a photo because I may not look exactly how I want, I may have lots of scars, I have body image issues, but I am alive and am am so very lucky to have the new kidney.  Thank you God for all you have given me.  Forgive me for not recognizing my blessings every day.  Thank you for letting me exercise with my friends on the day this pic was taken!

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