4 year Anniversary !

 Today is the start of Year 4 of my Heart Tx ,  It's been a humbling experience to say the least , To get a second chance at life is truly awesome ! I have tried to do as much as possible , I fish 5 or so days a week , play golf a few times a week bowl twice a week , hunt every chance I get during Deer season , I have started riding a mountain bike a lot this past year, just trying to change up exercising routines so not to get into the same muscle routine , I have re worked my Veggie garden to give vegetables the best chance to grow , I try and get to my local hospital once a month , just to chat with people going through the tx process , Monday I go to my TX CNTR , after tests are done ,  going to spend the rest of day up on the Heart Floor , the floor is full so looks like I will be busy chatting ,  Here is to Year 4  , Hoping to stay in the best of health ! 

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  • Hi David.  Congratulations on four years.  Sounds like you are a busy guy.  In my opinion that is one of the great secrets of transplant success. I will be 19yrs in August and will have my 77th birthday in January.  I am not as active now that I am growing older. You have a wonderful attitude - keep up the good work. Best Regards.

  • Hi David,so happy to hear you are doing well after 4 years of receiving your new heart,keep up the good clean living ,all the best to you.
  • 7 in November
  • Awesome news! WOW 4years. I wish you many more healthy and happy years living with your precious heart.

  • Congratulations! I am glad you are able to keep busy and are so generous in sharing your experience. May you find blessings anew each day.

  • congrats,thre years for me aug 3

  • Hey, I am sorry I missed this one before. Congrats to you bro!

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