5 Years Today !

Today I start year 5 of my Heart transplant , I sat this morning just thinking of the last 5 years ,  the liltle things . the important things , and the DUMB things ,  Thought about how 1 person un-selfishly gave the greatest gift anyone could ever do ..  give several people the chance to continue to Live Life ...   Sat and prayed and hope that my donors Family were able to find the strength and inner peace to continue through thier journey in life without thier loved one lost ,    Then I thought bout the last 2 weeks in particular ,  fri, thru  sunday I fish in a Trout and Salmon fishing tourney  which  my Boat won ,  Monday june 1st  played golf in a Capt and Crew golf tourney ..frist annual transplant tourney at a kidnet txplnt cntr in my home town where my team won,  we came in at 15 under par .. Fri and sat , june 5 - 6th Bowled in a tourney where I rolled my 10 th 300  and my partner and I won the 2 day event ,   June 8th  to my txplnt cntr  for my yearly testing, after test were done met with my txplnt team   as they sat  I guess in awe  is the only word I can use to explain thier emotions ,  all blood work  all tests except thyroid { which was a bit high} were all normal  or better then normal ...    1 nurse asks ....  what are you doing differantly then the rest of the txplnt patients we see ?      I guess thier looking to see if there are similar things am doing as with all thier other successfull txplnt patients ...    I  sat for a second and thought ... hmmmmmm ...    I guess in 2 words     I    LIVE LIFE      ...  I have my moments where I over do it  { all the time  LOL }    eat the second slice of pizza or have that last chicken wing ,  a second glass of wine  ,  Drive my girl friend and my family crazy  !!!    I am so very greatfull of the second chance that I and So many of us here  have recived  ..  that I will continue to    LIVE LIFE      my wish on this so awesome day is ,  who ever chooses to read this blog..   I pray that you also grab life by the coat tails  and live it or make as much of it as you can , because the alternitive ..   well  is just  unexceptable ....   Have a great day everyone !


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  • Happy Anniversary David. Really well written piece.Wishing you the best of health ...

  • Hi David

    Your post was almost exactly what I was thinking just yesterday. I'm almost 7 years out from my double-lung tx, and doing really well thus far. I've been asked the same thing, what are you doing differently?

    My answer? Well, I haven't just been alive for 7 years, I've been LIVING for seven years. Hiking in Yosemite, skiing in Utah, four cruises, three trips to Europe and more. Have I been a bit lucky? Sure. But I take my meds on time, work out like crazy, lost 25 lbs, laugh as much as possible, get lots of sleep, and continue to research supplements I've added to my regimen.

    Last time at Duke, my Dr told me I was getting kind of boring! Best insult ever. Best of luck for continued good health!


    • Armand ...

      Congrats to you too for your long and adventurous journey. Glad to see that you are hiking, skiing and traveling.  I am a 2 years post transplant and keep really fit [34 year old]. Hike, bike. Plan to start skiing again this season as I am good at it. Was backpacking in Mexico couple of Months ago. Would love to hear more about your adventure.

  • Happy Anniversary David! Have a great day and many more like it!

  • Well spoken!  Congratulations and I wish you many many years in good health!

  • Happy Anniversary David! :) Keep rocking!

  • Happy Anniversary David- I was thinking about you yesterday.

    I wish you many MANY more Happy and Healthy YEARS ahead!!

    You Rock!

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