6 Year Anniversary !

   6 years today ...  Where has the time gone ..   spent a few days visiting people at my tx cntr after my yearly tests for the day were over ,  Hopefully I was abled to give some sound advice ,  this visit was tuff for me , as there is a couple of young people who are waiting for  Hearts  , and have almost given up  ...  after chatting with a nurse who has become a very good friend , we took the 2 young peeps outside for  ice cream .  and to get them out side for a bit just to enjoy the sunny comfortable day we were having ..  Hopefully  getting outside for some fresh air helps them mentally ..   After my visit with my txplnt team  and getting the good news that everything is Awesome ,  get a Question from one of the nurses ... what are you doing differently from the rest of our txplntees ?    Guess I am one of the healthier stable patient they  have ...    My reply was ....  Well  I guess I just Live Life ..    She looks at me like I didn't give her the answer she was looking for    ....  so I say  ... Why would anyone go through this process  if their just going to sit and be a couch potato ?  I have been givin a second chance ... and I going to take it as far as I can  ...    I have walked in a couple of Heart Walks this year .   I was asked to get up a say a few words after the last walk I was in was over ... I thanked everyone for what they were out here  for  and   I was urged to let them all know that I was a couple of weeks away from my 6 year transplant   ,  which seemed to give people validation  that they were doing the right thing . Organ Donor Awareness peeps were on hand and Seem to get a lot of people signing up to be an Organ Donor ,   I have 2 golf      Capt and Crew Tournaments     this year that are both for the heart asso:  and Organ Donor Awareness

  Here's to an Awesome safe and Healthy Summer , I wish all the best to all Transplant Friends , 


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  • That's the way to go..! Many congratulations and I m sure many more anniversaries to come ..!
  • Congratulations on your 6th anniversary....wishing you many, many more in good health bro!  Great advice too!

  • Happy anniversary. Keep up the good positive job you doing. I'm sure you would have comforted the younger heart patients. It's always a sense of comfort to see someone doing well after tx especially when your at the other end waiting.

    Have a lovely day. All the best.
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