Believe in Possible

I have a little magical riddle for you today:
How can something that was impossible yesterday become possible tomorrow?
Answer: Do something different today! There's a simple, "magical" solution to just about every one of your problems.  If you want to do the impossible, simply do what you haven't done.  You might not always find the magic key on the first try, but if you keep trying you'll get it.
Okay, so there's nothing magical about this.  But the results will sure seem so.  If you want something in your life to be different, make it so.
Don't wait for the change to appear for you, make it happen yourself.  Take control of your happiness.  Take responsibility for yourself.
Once you do this, take the lid off your limits.  Allow yourself to believe in the possible, not the impossible.  Suspend your doubt and leap into the great unknown. 
See what's out there, and soon you'll probably learn what Walt Disney was talking about.

Best Wishes.

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  • LOL Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha Padster and Mark, The post mean different thing for different people. Thanks for your comment.

  • LOLLLLLLLLLL Padster you stole the show. Very very funny indeed. 

    Charles shouldn't it be believe in the impossible? but then believing in the impossible makes us do what Padster suggested.. find a tall building. Scary thought. Maybe believing the possible is a great idea - because some of us don't believe the obvious sometimes.

    But it's really a great and uplifting post, Charles, thanks for posting it. :)

  • lmao! Padster, I figure you won't really give a hoot but I like you.

  • Yes, what a good idea. Let's all do the impossible. I fancy flight myself, so I'll suspend doubt and leap into the great unknown. All I need is a tall building. But surely the title of this post is a misnomer. Surely we need to 'believe in the impossible', not 'believe in possible?' Or did you mean 'believe impossible?' Or 'believe it possible'? I'm so confused I don't know what to believe.

    Best wishes,


This reply was deleted.

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