Today I’m celebrating eleven years breathing with a double lung transplant! Even though a decade has passed, this particular day is still overpowered with great emotion for my family and I.  The following timeline is unfortunately an accurate account of my life. It was my intention to write only small snippets of happiness.



I am twelve years old when I lose my hearing from ototoxic medication. Over a period of one year, suddenly I am deaf. I am forced to lip read, watch closed captioning, and learn basic sign language. I’m not included in conversations, I can’t speak on the telephone, and I cannot hear the one thing I love most- music. I am also diagnosed with cystic fibrosis related diabetes.

Watching TV makes me happy.


I am thirteen years old when I am added to the United Network for Organ Sharing lung transplant waiting list. I’m wearing oxygen twenty-four seven. I can barely walk across a small room without gasping for air. I am sleeping in a sitting position to avoid coughing every night. I am attached to I.V. medications, I swallow a handful of anti-bitoics and vitamins every day. I am suffering. I am strong, but I am tired. (Matthew 11:28) I have never prayed before, but I am desperate. I ask God to send me Home.

Jesse McCartney makes me happy.


I am fifteen years old when I receive a double lung transplant on March thirteenth two-thousand-seven. Recovery was the most difficult experience of my life. Despite making it this far, I still want to give up. My kidneys are failing immediately afterwards and I am at the hospital three days a week for three hours of dialysis. Four months after my lung transplant I receive a kidney from my mother. I am diagnosed with PTLD seven months after my lung transplant. I am able to bypass chemo therapy after adjusting medications.

My dad makes me happy.

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Amber is the owner and creator of A Creative Newmie, a christian faith blog and gift shop. She is twenty-six years old and living with cystic fibrosis, a genetic, progressive, lung disease. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. It is her creative mission to guide you through your journey, help you discover yourself, and Make Your Mark! Believe you can achieve. God created you with a purpose. We can live courageously, becoming better versions of ourselves, or as I call it, a newmie. (new me)

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  • Welcome Amber

    I am so glad that you have joined us and now sharing your ideas and passions with us.

    I will be reading your beautiful blog

    Love RIse'

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