CELEBRATING My 26th Kidney Transplant


Today is an EXTREMELY SPECIAL day for me. On May 12th 1994, I received a kidney,  the most special gift ever! So today I celebrate my 26th transplant birthday/anniversary. I was on deaths bed and given a 2nd chance at life. During the darkest moment of a family's life, losing  a loved one, , they donated my kidney which saved my life!. Donor families, as this, are truly ANGELS on earth! Unselfish, compassionate, kind, caring for others are only a few attributes of such  special kind people.

I've never been fortunate enough to meet my donor family but think of their generosity every day. I have taken special care of this gift, never taking it for granted, knowing that kidneys (organs) are hard to cone by and many lose their battle waiting for one.

I am a RN and have worked full-time since my transplant. I was lucky enough to marry my best friend! He's been by my side supporting me pre, during, and after my transplant. I have had many challenges and obstacles to deal with over the years as many recipients have. I've done my best to stay positive and enjoy  each day to the fullest I'm given. 

I am looking forward to many more wonderful years to come.

I wish all of you the same, the very best and healthiest life possible! Stay strong!

God Bless!

Tina ☺

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  • Congratulations! I appreciate hearing from you too. May you find many more reasons to smile and hope brightening your path forward. 

    Warm regards,



  • Thank you, Tina, for sharing your special day with us! May you continue to celebrate more and more milestones in good health.

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