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  • You always hear the phase, “forgive and forget.” However, that statement is not true. You can forgive someone, but you can never forget. Only God is capable of forgetting, as many scriptures say how he, “remembers your sins no more.” When you feel that someone has caused you pain, it is extremely hard to forgive that person when that person has never “asked you" for forgiveness.

    When my ex-wife left me, she left me while in was in the hospital fighting for the life of my first kidney transplant, as I had an acute rejection episode. She called me on the hospital phone; not even in person; and said she was having an affair with another man, wanted a divorce, and then she told me, “when you get out of the hospital don’t come home, but go live with your mother." To add to that, she wouldn’t let me see my one-year-old son for almost two years. Forgiveness you say? Well it was a long and hard road to get to the point of forgiving her. However, some years later I heard a sermon that quoted the scripture that says, "But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions." It was then that I realized I needed to forgive my ex-wife and release all the hurts and animosity I held against her. To this day she has never apologized for anything she did, nor asked me for forgiveness. But the thing is…, it doesn’t matter; God has forgiving me. My life has been restored and I have a wonderful wife who is my soulmate, and I have just been placed on a transplant list at UC San Diego.

    If you are in a situation like this, it may take a while to forgive that person—it took me seven years. But when you do release it, you will feel a sense of freedom; freedom from your own pain and frustration that you were holding onto. If any of you have kids of the tween/teen age, you may want to check out my website at I have a number of books they might be interested in.

    Hostess Rise…, thanks; I’m glad you posted that topic and the music video.

    • Thank you David for sharing your story. I feel for you so glad to hear you found someone special to spend your life with. You have a great website. What an accomplishment to write so many books. Did you write about your transplant?

      • Thank you for your reply. No, I have not written about my transplant or kidney disease. I'm a fiction writer and have never thought about it. I do have a lot of experience with ESRD for over 33 years, so maybe one day I will.

        • There is always room for another great book. I am sure your book would be a great success. Just think about how many more people you could educate about kidney transplant.

          Do you have a section in your books about the author? You could always mention the Gift of Life.

          • Generally I haven't put an author bio section in my books because I have one on my website. However, that is a good idea. Perhaps in my next book I will do that. By the way, my next book I write is not going to be in the teen category. It's still fiction, but I'm now moving into more adult fiction. However, before I can do that, I still have the sequel to my series to finish before I can start on that.  

            • Fantastic!!!  What is your current health status- I saw on your website that you are on dialysis?

              • I don't know if you read my bio, but after 22 years my transplant started to decrease in function. I'm doing PD, and just went through all the tests to get on the transplant list. Just this past week, I was placed on the active list at UC San Diego.

                • Hi David

                  I read your website and did not check your profile -sorry

                  Glad to hear you are on the list. I wish you the BEST!

  • At one time I was an unforgiving person. But then in April of 2011, my husband of 39 years was hit and killed by a driver that was on drugs. He died about three hours later at the hospital. I thought my world had ended. I was mad at the girl that had so recklessly taken Loritab, Oxyconton, Trazadone, etc. and then drove a car! He was killed on his job and the thought that the only medicine he ever took was an aspirin. What an injustice! After many court appearances and hard times, I finally realized that by not forgiving her, I was only hurting myself. Gradually I let go of the bitterness and anger and let God heal me. As I forgave her, God reminded me that He had forgiven me. It's hard to forgive sometimes, but you will be much happier and healthier if you can.

    • Thank you Kathy for sharing.  I am very sorry for your loss. 

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