Hi hang, would like to say I am finally past all the migraines and only have the lighter headaches and nausea from no sleep. Even with meds, I don't get enough and it feels like even less. My final frontier, "precious sleep".Also, the prescribed 500/400 Cal/D-3 seems kinda useless. I am taking more. Can everyone share their daily dosages. Don't was to overdo it but need to at least make a difference. Thanks
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  • I take Zolpidem 5mg whenever needed.  This is not OTC medicine but works pretty well. 

  • I am very interested in trying this. The lotion sounds best. Do I need to get the OK from my Drs.? Thanks!
    • Of course you do! Why would you think you shouldn't

  • For years after my transplant, I had trouble sleeping.  Melatonin helped a lot, but sometimes made me dizzy.  Then, through research, I discovered Magnesium and Magnesium Lotion.  This is AMAZING stuff!  Almost every person is low in magnesium, as I was when tested for it.  I now take 200 mg. of Magnesium Citrate (from Amazon) every day, and, every night before bed, I rub on at least a teaspoon (180 mg.) of Magnesium Lotion (I use Ancient Minerals brand from Amazon).  This lotion helps me fall asleep quickly and STAY ASLEEP, which I hadn't done in years!  My nephrologist likes the idea of a lotion, as I then don't need to take a large dose in pill form.  Also, the Magnesium Lotion gets rid of my knee, wrist, and back pain - within 5 minutes of rubbing it in!  I have never been so pleasantly surprised in a product in my life!!!

    • Great brand! I use Swansons which does not leave an itchy feeling. Do you feel any itchiness with your brand of Ancient Minerals?

  • I take two hundred mg of magnesium before bedtime. NEVER take your D3 at night.  Always take your vitamin D in the morning as D can interfere with sleep.

    You can go to youtube and look up insomnia and bedtime yoga.  See if you can find some stretches that will help you relax.

    I have a group here where I shared many resources and I am sure you probably never heard of EFT and insomnia either.- take a look at our group section.

    Be well

    • Here is our Better Sleep group

      Also it is important to get to sleep before 11 pm- aim for 10:30 PM

      • Hi,

        The link to the insomnia group isn't working anymore.

        Can you help me?

        I had a kidney transplant in 2010.
        I am battling chronic insomnia, for which I have taken various drug combinations, based on Clonazepam (1 mg) and Mirtazapine (15mg). A third drug has completed the combination. Olanzapine helped for a while, then it wasn't enough and Imovane was added to the three. After a few months, this combination of four drugs wasn't effective anymore (I fell asleep and woke up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep, or I didn't fall asleep until dawn and slept 4 or 5 hours; sometimes i couldn't sleep at all). About a month ago, the doctor replaced the Olanzapine and Imovane with Quetiapine (50 mg). In the first 10 days, I slept about 7-7.5 h a night, but I woke up tired and with tachycardia and heart aches. I told the doctor, but he said these symptoms were not caused by Quetiapine. So I continued to take it along with Mirtazapine (15 mg) and Clonazepam (1 mg), but I started sleeping badly again (too little sleep, tachycardia and heart aches the next day). The doctor told me to increase it to 100 mg, but I'm not feeling well even when I sleep about 7 h a night (same tachycardia and heart aches). I also noticed I retain fluids, which the doctor says it's not caused by the Quetiapine. 
        I had 2 heart check-ups (ECG and heart ultrasound) and both came out normal. The heart looks fine and functions normally, so I fear the symptoms are caused by the Quetiapine. I asked the doc if he could replace it with something else, but he said it is the best drug for sleep. I went to see another doctor, and she kept the Quetiapine, too, but told me to replace Mirtazapine with Trittico. I tried Trittico with Clonazepam and Mirtazapine about two years ago and it didn't help me.
        I am desperate and don't know what to do anymore. I tried cognitive behavioral therapy and it didn't help me much. Can you give me any suggestions? Are there better drugs that I could take?
        Thank you so much.


        • Lily, hope you are sleeping better. I am very interested in your progress. I have been doing the same thing for six years. I could go without sleep for 2 to 3 days. I have tried many drugs but the side effects are not acceptable and I would feel awful the next day. I have also use Different medical marijuana strains. Finally found one that works better but I am really spacey the next day. I forget something in one minute so game to walk around qu my phone to take notes immediately. After going to the dispensary, they suggested caffeine or CBD in the morning to delete the hangover. This is what I'm going to try now but the RSO oil seems to work the best. This is Rick Simpson oil. This is an Indica strain and for me, does well without being psychoactive. A trial and error process with marijuana but drugs do not give us REM sleep as sleep is necessary to restore organs and fight infections and  you're right as I would wake up and just cry because I felt so awful. For now, I get about five hours of sleep but I will take less sleep over severe depression from the meds. My doctor won't change my meds so I am on my own. Transplants are not for the faint of heart, right?

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