long term effects prograf

Iv had my new liver since 2003, Iv been noticing lately only cuz my bf points it out a lot that i have problems focusing, hearing, and remembering things that just happend or where i put something. Right now theres two things i been looking for around the house for days, have no idea where i put. I dont know if im crazy or if it could be meds.
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  • Maybe i should try asking for a magnesium level test. Sometimes doctors look at me like im strange cuz i try and say something wrongs with me, they think im so young but then when they find somthing they are shocked. I really wanna know more about what happens on this meds years to come, i just get problem after problem. Anybody got tips on how to get some energy, and my fast heart rate got me knocked off my coffee i love so much and caffene, i been trying to excersise more often. i just never have energy like my friends i always tend to need a nap or feel exhasted easily. 

  • I've found that when I am having trouble focusing and am a bit more "ditzy" than usual, my magnesium levels are running a little low. So, I will take magnesium once or twice a week  and it seems to help (dr approved). I also try and be very organized and everything has a place in the house (the problem then is if I put it in a different place - oh joy!)

  • I don't think it's the meds. I lose things too. No biggie. s far as your BP and heart rate, have you talked to the doctors about this? I also wanted to tell you that the more of a rush I get in, the worse my memory becomes, so just set yourself up so that you don't have to rush. Let us know how this works. Good luck!

  • You know what tho Just coming out of Transplant, dont take lightly about the no immune system and taking care of yourself sware iv been in hospital every year since, little things mostly ( i suck at spelling sorry guys) hernia, kidney stones, immonia, flu. And my medicine gave me high blood pressure and fast heart rate. It takes while find out what you need to control symptems.
  • You know its really just little minnor things like short term mem but it gets too you like at work i took a call in a busy rush and needed to leave a message for someone, got in trouble 2 days later for them not getting the message. And i look over something in front of my face all the time thought i was just blind lol or gone in my head. I love Lala land too think im always somewhere else in my head like im someone else and need to try focus on "hear now" the present. My mind runs so deep Mom says i have selective hearing you could try and get my attention for minutes nothing whisper my name and im right by saying you talking about me! lol maybe im just different but i deff think im being effected on everyday life by little changes.
  • Thanks for advice, i have been doing mind games on my kindle fire, and trying to be more present, i find that i space out a lot thinking in my head not in present i dont know if its just my personality or meds, but too donna i had my transplant at 13, i never had hair loss, acctual had more hair growth in unuall places, still and it sucks but i went through puberty right after my transplant so my trasnformation to a lady was just extra difficult, i had more back pain some shakes more offten and awful insomnia and Sleep Pyralisis a lot it was scarry. Most symptoms you just learn to control i dont think my problems have ever completly went away.
  • I take Neoral but have the same frustrating problems. I can't even remember a phone number between the book and the phone and that is just one example. Sometimes I am even looking right at something and don't see it. I thought it was my age (68) but I do think the whole experience...blessing that it is... and the meds sure play a part in it.
    Sometimes I feel like I just live in lala land...although that is not a bad place to be! lol
    Wish I could offer some help...only empathy.

  • I do believe that our drugs can cause memory problems. I have always challenged my memory to remember things. If you pay attention to what you are doing and be in the present moment you just might improve your ability to remember more frequently. It might be slow at first but keep on practicing.  Try and learn something new a few times per day. For me, I like to challenge my mind on a daily basis. 

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