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I have a question and would like to have some input on Organ Donor. I am on the list to do same. But when we had a blood drive in town my PCP told (when I ask him if I could ) me that no I could not do so. I think this might be because of my med I'm taking.
Now the question, would that also apply to me for Organ Donor, maybe being a possible high of a risk for the person getting the Organs?
Thanks for the input.


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  • I attended a seminar for transplanted and waiting list candidates and family members when this was discussed in a lot of detail. We were told by the lung transplant team the following general information. Yes, we can all sign the donor forms. Any transplanted organs, tissues, etc. will evaluated at the time, just as any other donor would be.

    In general, there are age limits on some organs....about age 50-55, but possibly 60 if that donor is in exceptional health. Donations of corneas, tissues and skin for burn patients are in high demand all the time.

    A personal note, I had a dear friend who died of breast cancer. She was a donor. Her husband was called within the first hour to recover her corneas. So they were transplanted to help another person with no danger of the cancer cells.

    We were encouraged to sign, if we hadn't already. Doctors can make a decision when the time comes. New research and technologies can uncover things that might be helpful in the near future.
  • i volunteer with the donate life network and we as transplant recipient can be donor, maybe not the parts we receive but we can be donors and with this being national donor month maybe we can get more people involved and get them register to be donors.  stay strong and think big Irene 

  • I am not eligible to donate blood (mad cow) but they will take bone marrow or any other organ they told me!!
  • Almost 3 years ago, I was wheeled into the operating room for a kidney transplant, mildly sedated moments earlier (why they waited so long for that I will never know!) The last thing I said before they put the mask over my face was "I am an organ donor" :) I still am :) What I would say next time is, "It is really not necessary to shave my entire body, people! The kidney is down here!"
  • Hi DK,

    I was told by my Tx nephrologist that the minimal amount of blood (and medication) left in the donated organ would not create an issue.  Blood donation is another matter.....with varying opinions from doctors, I went to the best source for information.

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