Please help :)

Hi, so I had 2 days infusion of IVIG and today I feel so sick! I have a runny nose, feels like I can't breath, some cough, and my eyes are watery. I also had a sore throat. This happened right after receiving the IVIG. What can a transplant patient take for common colds or allergies? I feel so down today. 


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Yessenia, 22, Miami FL. Liver and Kidney recipient.

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  • Hi Yessenia

    First of all, I hope you have contacted your doctors to update them on this potential side effect.

    Please post all your questions to our forum. I am not sure how many people read our blogs and I apologize for not answering you sooner.

    Can you take vitamin C?

    Drink water and try and get your rest.

    Best wishes!


    • Hey, How are you :) How do I post to your forum? Yes, I was admitted I was just discharged yesterday. I ended up going to the emergency room because I started having severe headache vomiting and fever. I am better now. They said most likely it was a reaction from the IVIG.


      Thank you so much

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