Positive Little Story !

 Greetings Everyone !

  Just thought I would write about all the good I have been through since I txplntd.   It's 19 months today since I received my miracle, I tx june 14th, 2010 . What a day that was receiving the phone call ! it was even more AMAZING when I woke up an just could tell everything was going to be ok again .. Each day after waking more and more strength was coming back , around day 10 I was walking long hallways a few times a day, Wondering how could this all be coming back so rapidly, At that point I convienced myself everything is going to be ok..  November of 2010 after months of exercising I started to Bowl again, winter of 2010 I actually picked up a snow shovel and shoveled the driveway ! Spring of 2011 I started to play golf again , bike riding,planted a veggie garden ,fishing, long walks , june of 2011 I had my first year check up, Wonderfull check up ! Fall of 2011 I picked up the gun and went deer hunting, life is GREAT !!  never thought it could or would get better, well last week after Heart biopsy, got results another great biopsy !  My Doctor tells me that were going to test for rejection by blood testing. Hopefully no more Biopsy's. which I was told in the begininng would not stop until year 5 of tx. Well 19 months later and in March I get the first blood rejection test. WOW was all I could say, So I am looking forward to new surprises, But if for some reason theres a small bump in the road along the way, thats ok to .. So my birthday wish is for everyone to try and eat right, exercise, and just plain  have fun !!


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  • Hi David,

    Thanks for posting and I agree...Life is great! I hope you have smooth sailing forever!

  • Thanks David, I am two years out this past Oct. 9.  I now your story to it was such a miracle to receive my life back.  All my numbers have been great also.  I still go for biopsys, but that is fine with me.  I just took a part time job, 16 to 20 hrs a week, and I do volunteer work with Make a Wish, and my church.  I also exercise and watch my diet (maybe not has much as I should) but I do keep track of intake on my phone ap.  Life is Good, God is Good Always!

  • Hi David

    Not much of a hunter (me), but I love camping in the bush (South African). Did you go day hunting, or overnight, & if so, how did you cope with the camping. I love camping, but am worried about the hygiene/ infection problems. Would love to hear ...


  •   you get it! life is great as long as you see the glass half full! mine and yours seem to be overflowing!  every day is a gift!    Namaste! mark

  • Good post! I enjoyed the positive little story impression and acknowledge inspiration as well. David I highly appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  • Crystal they originally told me five months. Did not settle well with me either after waiting as long as I did. 

  • When I was up at Cleveland Clinic in December, my friend Barb who went with me, asked what the wait was and the coordinator said the average is 6months or 6 months.  I looked up and made the comment:  I know about 4 people who has been on the waiting list for 2-3 years!  The coordinators need to tell that is could be 6 months of years.  This kind of stuff just doesn't settle with me very well.

  • Cleveland Clinic is supposed to be a center of excellence. My insurance co. chose it for me as they said they wanted the best possible results. They chose between Duke, Barnes Jewish and decided on Cleveland. That was in 2008. Only problem is their list is so long. So when Ochsner lung Transplant center reopened and was finally Medicare approved they offered me the option to dual list there and it is also where I live. I got my transplant in five weeks at Ochsner after waiting at CC for 2 1/2 yrs. and then they told me it would probably be another year. I did not feel I could hang on that much longer so took the risk of choosing a hospital with only one years recent lung history.  It's been eight months and so far so good. A few bumps in the road but nothing major. 

  • Hello,  I really like reading about all the things you have done after transplant :)   I was wondering why you chose Cleveland Clinic, if you don't mind me asking.  I am going to the clinic also.  I look forward to being active again.  Congrats on being post 19 months.


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