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  • It's good . I am tested every six weeks for Tac and other blood work . It is a continuous process of calibrating your drugs , food and exercise . Sometimes it all gets too much . But lucky to be around .
  • Chip, what about your kidney function ?
  • Pre Transplant I was told to expect a feeling of having one of those old fashioned paperweights sitting in my tummy . That feeling has not yet disappeared a full 14 months post op. additionally a nerve got cut , so a small portion of my right thigh feels dead. But does not hinder any activity including running .
  • Even a couple of years after transplant, I never did get all the feeling back in my nerves over the transplant site.  It's numb to this day.  Looks like the surgeon may have damaged a nerve there or something.

    That doesn't bother me.

  • My doc said what Chris comment here. I hope it'll subside gradually. Thanx everyone to share your experience.
  • I don't know for sure what you are experiencing, but I can tell you what I am going through.  I am 2 months out of a liver and kidney transplant, and I too have some heaviness around the kidney.  Mine is a fluid pocket, 2 of them in fact.  One was pressing against the kidney, so it was drained last week.  The other, larger pocket has not been drained, but I willbe begging until it is. 

  • I am 3 years out from Kidney Panc transplant. I have a noticeable protrusion where my kidney sits. It was very strange at first but with time you get used to it. It is a new normal. My kidney was placed on my Left side.  As far as the nerve sensations. I have almost all of the feeling back in the transplant area, just not directly  over the scar. So over time you will feel "normal" again. 

  • I definitely had a noticeable (to me) protrusion in the transplant area which gradually subsided after about 8 months. I think the new kidney just gradually settled in. At 2 months out, the Dr. said it was very normal, and that it may or may not decrease with time.
  • Brightenes r u a physician ? Excellent what u r saying is true but one thing heaviness is not for nerve healing. May be they created a pouch there where they place my new kidney. May be that pouch is large or my new kidney is big i think. yes i m doing my test weekly.
  • I too has a kidney transplant (graduated to 6 months now.....I have mine on right side also. all I an say to you, by what you are describing, is the nerves healing, also if I am dehydrated( check to see how much they want you to drink per day...I fell a dull pain where they joined the kidney to bladder.  For sure u are still getting blood tests done weekly, and seeing the clinic monthly still, they keep very very close eye on all your blood work.  For sure call them up, and ask if this is normal;!  Good luck!!!   Sue


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