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ok, so far: Do not take Tacrolimus and Myfortic with food! It is very counter intuitive and it will cause stomach issues (Acid Reflux etc.) As I find out more I will post.

Ok: mycophenolic acid and Tacrolimus help each other metabolize in your body, so for each of us we must find the sweet spot between the two. The ratio from one to the other should always be the same once the sweet spot is found. In other words if you must change the dosage on one you must on the other as well. So if you raise one you must the other as well. If you lower one the same applies. What may change is the prednisone ratio against those two. I will post the more I find out what works for me. Please talk to your doctor if possible before changing anything.

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  • We all need to really pay attention to medications and our own bodies. I have taken my meds with and without food and found what works best for me.


  • Oddly, I no longer take Cellcept, mycophenolate, or myfortic, just 2.5 mg of prednisone and 1 mg tacrolimus BID. Seems to be metabolizing just fine. I guess everyone is just different. I take all without food.

  • Ok:  So for me I am now at 2 360mg Myfortics and 1 1mg Tacrolimus twice a day, and 1 5mg Prednisone once a day...  I do take the Prednisone with food and at least one bottle of water as I do one bottle of water with the other medications as well.  It seems to be working so far...

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