Spared Again!

Good Afternoon Transplant Friends! On December 18th I had an "Inner Cerebral Bleed (a bleed in the right side of my brain). I am finally home from the hospital and this is my first email. God has spared me again and I am so grateful to him for his loving care.

I send you all my love.  I will fill you in again in few days when I am stronger.  I had severe paralysis on the right side of my body which was  very frightening.  It was a very close call.  I am weak and learning to use my right hand to full capacity and I am now walking and in therapy - and of course I am extremely weak.

I pray that you all are well. I will write later.

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  • Just a note to say I am thinking of you and hoping you are getting better and better each day.  You are such a good inspiration for so many of us and with your positive attitude, hopefully you will bounce back.  Sometimes, as grateful as we are for our transplant, we get a little complacent.  Your sharing this helps us to realize how vulnerable we all are.  Blessings for the new year  to you and your husband and a hug for your dog!

  • That sounds like it could have been so frightening. I am so sorry that you had to go through this, but I am glad that you had your husband there to help you get to the hospital. May he be blessed. Many hugs and wishes for healing and renewal are being flown your way on the wings of hope.  

  • Sorry, you must have been very scared, I know I would be, sending prayers and hugs, your way...

  • Hi Holly.  It was a nightmare experience!  I went to bed totally normal.  I awoke in the night and realized I was having trouble turning over. But, I could not wake enough to realize that I was paralyzed on the right side. When my husband got up that morning he and our dog Tanner went into the computer room. He closed the bedroom door. When I awoke and tried to get out of bed I found that something was drastically wrong, but I finally pulled myself out and the the fun began.  I was crying out for Lyle but he did not hear me so I pulled myself to the door and opened it and told him that I was in big trouble. I lost control of my bladder so Lyle picked me up and put me on the bed and cleaned me up called my coordinator. They allowed him to drive me into Spokane, Washington where my transplant clinic and doctors are. I will fill you in a greater detail what happened at the hospital later.  I am still weak but am improving and have started minor physical therapy.  My right hand is very weak.  I love you all.

  • Wishing you a FULL recovery and no more episodes and a healthy New Year!  May I ask how you knew this was happening?  Be good to yourself!

  • Dear Yvonne

    I am sorry to hear all that you went through just a short time ago.

    I send you my love to you too! May each day bring you more strength and hope to help you in your recovery.

    Thank you for letting us know how you are doing. When you are able and feel like typing, we will be here.

    Much love to you! 


  • Congrats Yvonne,

     Having survived all this has made you stronger and will carry you though the physical challenges you must endure.  Thank you for keeping us "in the loop," and for sharing.  My prayers and thoughts are with you as you advance and recover. 

  • I am so glad that you have been granted a reprieve and hope that you are resting and recovering well. I will be sure to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May you find daily the sources of strength and hope you need as you build yourself back up again. Thank you for informing us, and do let us know how it goes for you when you are able. I will be hoping for the best for you. Many hugs are being flown your way on the wings of hope.  

  • Yvonne, that is a tough way to spend the holidays. I'm so glad you are weathering the storm and hope you are back to your normal self soon. Thanks for letting us know - talk to you when you are stronger :)

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