Strive to Soar

One thing we humans tend to do a lot of these days is stress.  We stress about everything.  We stress about work, play, money, health, appearance, social life, other people, world events, politics, time, life, etc.

Heck, we even stress about stressing! The problem arises when you want everything to be perfect.  You get a bit uncomfortable and unhappy when things aren't perfect, so you start to focus on the negatives and that leads to stress

But there's a simple solution for this Don't chase perfection, strive for excellence!
Yes, Mr. Lombardi said it well indeed.  He was a tough football coach (American football for you non-USAers) who demanded a lot out of his players.  But Vince also knew that his men would never be perfect, so he instilled the culture that every game they should strive to be BETTER.

And that's what life is really all about. That's the essence of achievement and the essence of thriving.It's about being better. I know I say this a lot, but today I say it with a little added notion of inspiration.  When you simply strive to make things better--be it yourself, your life, or your situation--you release the weight of perfection and allow the process of excellence to give you wings.

Think about that and start soaring toward excellence today.

Peace Always.

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