My neighbor had stage 4 breast cancer.  My heart breaks for her.  She is such a strong individual and has been such an advocate for others with this dreaded disease.  Yet, you can tell when a person has lost desire to fight.  

All this has made me appreciate life even more.  We've all been there.  Those near death experiences where all hope has seemed lost.  Where the weight of the world has left us empty and depleted. Some days it's just plain hard to breathe (literally).  Yet, I've always considered myself fortunate, knowing my destiny could be worse.  This has kept me from many pity parties.  However, part of me feels like I've been belittling my illness.  

I'm not one for sitting with a stranger and spilling my guts.  Although, I'm sure you find that hard to believe as I sit here and talk to you.  There is a sense of anonymity that a computer screen offers. That freedom of knowing you can't put crazy with a face. (wink)  But, we all need some form of therapy.  I have turned to writing many times to serve this outlet for me, but lately, I've been enjoying nature.  There's something therapeutic in nourishing plants and seeing a sense of accomplishment.  With spring underway, I have spent time working in my flower garden, as well as a vegetable garden.  This serves as a two fold purpose to clear my mind and to hopefully, have enough fresh produce to maintain a healthier diet this summer.  I've also started my own little herb garden in the kitchen.  

(I absolutely love that we can post pictures here now.  I am kinda like a pathological picture taker...  just ask my kids.)

So, what is your outlet to therapy?  What do you do when you feel like you're going to have a mental breakdown?  When you are feeling overwhelmed, where do you turn?

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  • I love it. What I do is get outside my head, I go out for a drive, turn music on, call a friend, sit outside and listen to birds, go down to water,.....thats how I get over the hits. You are one strong lady and one supportive friend!

  • Welcome back SL :)

    What a beautiful blog post. I love to create images to share on facebook on our sites here. 

    Exercise brings me joy in knowing this is good for my health. Happy body is a happy mind.

    LOVE, Rise'

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