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I always appreciate when others try and help one another even though they do not have an answer to a serious question- simply write back- " I hope you feel better" and that really makes a difference for someone out there who feels all alone in the transplant world. 

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  • I am so grateful to be alive. I received a liver transplant in May of 2016 due to Hepatitis C and cancer. I and my family suffered for over 20 years with the awful effects of severe liver disease and the side effects of all the medication. I am a 55 year old male and just celebrated my 33 wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife. We have 5 grown boys ages 22-32 and 6 wonderful grandchildren and have lived in the Charleston SC area our married life. I grew up in Lawrenceburg an awesome small town in southeastern Indiana. My family started an ice cream store in Columbus around the turn of the century called Zaharakos. I highly recommend a visit to the newly remolded restaurant if you are ever in town. The new owners have done an amazing job on restoring the place to its turn of the century hey day charm.I love Indiana and travel back as often as I can. I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1998. I was getting blood work done for an increase in my life insurance policy. I was told I had had it for awhile because my liver already showed signs of fibrosis and cirrhosis and I was in a panic. I didn’t know how I got it and it really didn’t matter to me but I was scared to death. At the time there was no cure so the only options were to try these experimental drugs interferon and riboviron all had serious side effects. Awful as it was I felt I had no other options but to at least try to get rid of it. After 17 years and 4 different treatments and a painful existence there was a cure found in 2015 Harvoni worked for me. It was to late for my liver by that time my disease progressed so far that my liver was unable to repair itself. I was put on the transplant list in March of 2016 and a donor became available in May. The only thing I know about the donor is what the doctor told my boys is that it came from a young man in his early twenties. I have written several letters to the donor family through my liver coordinator and I don’t expect an answer as I can only imagine their pain. I attend a transplant group meeting at the MUSC for my benefit and that of other pre and post transplant people. I feel like I have a special mission now to help spread the word about the benefits of organ donation. My doctor has informed me they want to use my case as a study for the effects of encephalopathy and its treatment. If you have liver disease you know what this is an unfortunate complication.

    • Hello Theo

      Thank you for sharing your story.  What an amazing life you have lead. I am happy you are doing well now. Happy to hear you wrote a letter to your Donor Family. You never know you might hear back one day. 

      Can I add your story to our archive on

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  • I had no idea how many people really loved the forum.

  • How wonderful Thank you Risa!!!!

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