Hello all,I completed two years of my renal tx. Almost all are normal except my high dose tecrolimus tablets. Still I am taking 5 mg./day. At morning 2.5 and 2 mg. at night. My Tec. level is 6. Alredy reduced 0.5 mg. according to doctors advice. Anybody have any idea regarding ideal Tecrolimus level ? This post only to enrich my knowledge. Thank you all.
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  • Hello Cisco, yes on my previous visit my doctor said 4 to 5 is the best level to keep.
  • My level is 3-5. And I agree, everyone is different.

  • Thanks Kidneyboy. Hope to go for follow up soon.
  • I have to agree with  Cora, every patient is different.  Your particular level is determined by blood work affected by many factors.  The ideal level for you is just that, ideal for you.  Though an FK(tacrolimus) level between 6-8 is considered "normal, I know of some, who have steady levels well below that.  Conversations with your Tx team will shed more light as to your ideal and why.

  • Not only do different centers have different protocols, but within each center, different patients will have different protocols. It will depend on how other labs are running:  WBC, have you had a rejection, neutrophils, # of infections, other blood counts......

    There really is no one ideal level. It depends both on your docs, and on how your body reacts. Sorry I can't be more specific.

    ETA:  and you can't compare doses to other people. It depends very much on your digestion and absorption. I was taking 1 and 1.5 mg and was also kept at a tac level of between 6 and 8. It's just how my body took up the drug.

    • Thanks Cora. Yes I know that the dose depends on absorption and digestion of drug. Actuall I want to know the ideal level of Tacrolimus on blood according to post transplant duration. There must be a protocol. To obtain that level we might increase or decrease our tacrolimus dose. By d way thanks for ur suggestion.
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