When It Rains..

...  Yep, pretty sure we can all fill in the blank on this one.  Well, this sums up my week and the week isn't over.  

Yesterday at this time, I was a hopeful transplant candidate.  I had a potential cadaver donor from a friend that had a family member pass.  24 hours of false hope later, I learned that he was not a match.  Back to the waiting game.

And, as if that wasn't enough to emotionally drain someone, I just received back my peritoneal dialysis adequacy and it is  below the required ratio.  SO, I'm not sure what is causing that or how they will treat that, but I'm am seriously feeling over it all today.

Sorry my contributions have been so sporadic.  One of my children has decided to exhast me of all of my social energy, so I've been focusing on her, but today I needed to vent to someone who understands.

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  • It must be so disappointing.  I very much hope that you do get the perfect match soon.  Thinking of you!

  • Remember the world continues on I personally want to be part of it. We must keep living and doing the best we can. Life has a lot to offer we must make the best of it. My family and friends are the greatest people alive. My donors family must have raised a wonderful, caring, great child and sibling to donate to me and others so we could live on. God has a plan for me so it is up to me to be the best person I can be. So live, be happy and surround yourself with humor!
  • Hi SPL, im so sorry for your loss. Im not sure what kind of transplant your waiting for, but in my case I didn't need a perfect match for a kidney. Its called ABO incompatible transplant, its where your donor's blood type and your blood type aren't compatible. Your transplant team gives you medical treatment before and after your kidney transplant to lower the antibody levels in your blood and reduce your risk of rejecting your donor kidney. Its the process of removing antibodies from your blood called plasmapheresis, injecting antibodies into your body that protect you from infections, and providing other medications that protect your new kidney from antibodies. Its the option of having a living donor with a different blood type that may reduce the waiting time for some people who are waiting for a kidney transplant or any other transplant for that matter. Hang in there and keep the faith.

  • I know that sometimes, life brings us some very unhappy moments. Last week, I lost two friends on the same day. these are guys who hung around together and had been life long friends. In addition, I talked to the wife of one of them and she had lost her father the previous week. All we can do is keep on truckin', with our heads held high and never give up. I feel for you, my friend. The best of luck to you! You will be in my prayers.

  • Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend's family member. The roller coaster ride of feelings between the call and the answer  - whether yay or nay is  very emotional and draining. Take a little time to grieve both losses and focus on your children (as you already do) they are what gives us - as parents -  the strength to keep going on....

    Your center may have your change up the strength of the fluid bags or the dialysis time to get better numbers - let us know how you are doing and hopefully your next call will be the one.

  • It is difficult taking the blows of not getting a transplant, and being a parent is a lot of work. Please do something nice for you sounds like you have to have tthat stiff upper lip and smiling through your trouble. So glad you posted we are here for you, even if I in particular do not have an answer for you  hugs

  • Hi SPL

    Thank you for taking the time to write in. I hope your call comes soon. You just never know when you will receive the call so take good care of yourself and keep your chin up. Remind yourself about how special you are, keep your chin up high. You are very blessed that your friends are thinking of you. I am very sorry for your friends loss. This too must be quite draining to even think about.

    Glad to hear you are spending time with your precious daughter.

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