xvivo perfusion and other clinical trials

So.This blog is to discuss exvivo lung perfusion and other clinical trials.Including stem cells for rejection and united therapeutics knockout gene pig lungs.First off does anybody know how the novel trial for exvivo is going.
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  • I would like to revisit this topic.anybody have anything to add to this
  • Fascinating discussion!

  • Hi Tory,
    I am in lung tx program at Columbia/New York Pres. I attended the most recent seminar on exvivo a few months ago. And our guest was a lady named Nancy Block who had the very first procedure done at this hospital. She is so healthy ,now. Has not had any signs of rejection or any other out of the ordinary issues. Her UNOS score was highest ever in history for this program at 96...she was ready to die, but determined not to so she took the chance and it's all good for her. The surgeon, Dr. D'Ovidio, was also in this meeting. He said the results so far, about 12 were done at that time. All were within the same range of recovery, success, 5 year survival as those tx without exvivo. It was good to see this in person. It answered so many questions for me.
  • I'm really interested in xenotransplantation.Dr doris Taylor at united therapeutics says she can maybe do it before the end of the decade.google Dr Doris Taylor.very interesting.
  • One of the transplant surgeons here (Toronto General Hospital) is interested in stem cell therapy.  He has done animal trials that have yielded some favourable results by injecting the 'patient's' own stem cells into the donor lungs.  He has said that so far there has been no positive results in humans, and is awaiting the results of a small human trial being done in Australia or New Zealand before looking to start the next phase of his own clinical research (he feels he is a minimum of two years away from trying any human trial).

  • I am pretty sure that at the Toronto General Hospital's lung transplant centre the exvivo trial was finished maybe 6 months to a year ago.  The results were positive, and they now use it to screen any lungs they believe are questionable, though it is not used in all transplants.

  • Hi Torie

    Very interesting and great idea.  Please research and inform us because I am super busy,.

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